What Activities Hook Teen Or Older Adults?

The current generation of teen adults are so obsessed with news about celebrities and social media thrill. They hang on to every word of stories about celebrities. They want to know the inside out of celebrity relationships. There is obsession with even knowing what celebrity wear, eat and do for every minute of their life. There are a number of popular sites that have celebrity news.

Older adults on the other hand are interested in stories about the current happening and follow the same on social media. They spend most of their hours online keeping up to date with current happening.

To the teen adult, they would like to live a celebrity-like life and therefore like to catch up on most stories about celebrities. Celebrities tend to live lavish public lives that are appealing to these young adults.

The older adults are hooked to famous real stories that are less of public-relation stunt that celebrities pull. They have fading hunger for celebrity news but more for those really making a change in other people’s lives.

Another captivating aspect for teen adults is the love stories of celebrities. Individuals are getting more attached to stories that identify more with their situation and what they would like to do.

Weight loss and workout plans appeal more to older adults who feel that they need to stay younger and retain their youthfulness. They care more about their health and longevity. Those who have not reached their financial goals at this point are more concerned about making a breakthrough and do all in their power to advance this through seeking advice on the same.

Real life inspirational stories appeal to many teen adults and older adults likewise because of their power to motivate. They are moving and call for action. Find some real life fun at www.cityofeve.com.

What do Teen Adults and Older Adults like Doing?

Activities that majorly appeal to teen adults include:

> Bowling

> Parting

> Playing video games

> Engaging in sporting activities

> Work-out

> Going to the movies

Older adults on the other hand prefer:

> Going to plays, musical, opera, coffee, book-store or art galleries

> Work-out

> Bar hopping or visiting wineries

There are activities however that cut across the two, for instance, girls and women like shopping together at shopping malls and spending time together at recreational centers.

What They Work Hard At

Individuals at varying age-groups work hard at tasks that motivate them. It is difficult to pin-point a particular task but they have to see the bottom-line in what they are doing. Teen adults excel in tasks that they see matter and increase chances of their recognition.

Teen adults can excel in a number of tasks. The agenda of the task has to relate to them. It has to consider their well-being and make them feel substantial. They feel that they need to be part of a bigger picture. They have to see the value in assignment that they are doing. The task also has to be enjoyable, rewarding and doable. The assignments need to feel like they fit into their agenda, conform or fit their timetable. Tasks that make teen adults and older adults establish their own independent person are also good. Teen and older adults also need to feel in control of the situation. Individuals further do well in tasks that they are equipped to handle.

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