I met my ideal swinging partner abroad!

Can you attend swinging parties when you are a single female? Most swingers clubs  in London will not allow single men to attend swinging parties, but they don’t seem to mind single women. I love going swinging when I have a night off from cheap escorts in London, and the London swinging scene is just as exciting as the London sex party scene. I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of exciting people on my nights off from cheap escorts in London. As far as swinging goes, the Brits really take it seriously.

The swinging community that I belong to in London is really active and we even travel abroad to attend swinging parties. That is one of the reasons I belong to it and what I like is that they meet during the weekend as well. During the week I am really busy at London escorts and it can be tough for me to have time off from the escort agency. But our cheap escorts in London service tends to be less busy during the weekend so i’ll take the time off to have some fun. If I am really lucky I can fit in a three day weekend.

A couple of months ago, our swinging community traveled to Costa Blanca in Spain. It was during the kids autumn break from school and I guess a lot of the gents I date at London escorts were away with their families I took a chance on having a extra days off from cheap escorts in London to enjoy a little bit of a sunshine. It felt really good to have something to look forward and I could hardly contain my excitement at the airport. I don’t normally end up in airport bars, but on this occasion, I did end up in a bar having a few drinks.

When we landed in Alicante, London escorts seemed a world away. The coast line was beautiful, and I was looking forward to an exciting weekend away from London escorts. I could not wait to get some sun, and to attend a couple of swinger’s parties during my stay in Spain. When we arrived at the hotel, one of the first things I did was to put my bikini on and spend a couple of hours soaking up the sun to make sure that I felt special about the evening.

I was a little bit anxious at the same time as I would be meeting a lot of new people. However, working for cheap escorts in London has taught me that chilling is the best thing you can do when you meet new people. The party was being held in a big house close to a golf course. It was a lovely home, and the guy who owned it was clearly seriously into swinging. As soon as I met him, I felt a certain spark and it was not long before we hooked up. I could not believe it, he was the ideal man for me, and we had the same taste in everything. As a matter of fact, I ended up spending most of the weekend with him. It was great, and since then I have been out to Spain to hook up with my dream partner on a couple of occasions. To be honest, I am planning to spend part of the summer with him and just enjoy myself.

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